We are from all over the world, with diversity of backgrounds and experiences. But we all share same interest in interdisciplinary phenomenon, which we believe, always begins from envisioning more.

朴在文 Jaemoon Park

Senior Manager, Business Development


Jaemoon is currently on secondment from NTT East, a telecommunication company, to Anchorstar from July 2021. During his time at Anchorstar, Jaemoon will be engaged in supporting partner companies in scaling existing businesses and launching new projects. Jaemoon aims to bring back his learnings to NTT East and accelerate change of the organization. After graduating from Aoyama Gakuin University, Jaemoon joined NTT East as a new graduate. He has three years experience in corporate sales and two years in business development. Jaemoon was selected as a candidate for a program hosted by HR department to join and experience external organization such as Anchorstar. A Tokyoite who loves nature more than anything else.



黒柳茂 Shigeru Kuroyanagi

Director, Data


Data Scientist. As a Director of Data at Anchorstar, Shigeru explores new business and organization transformation using the power of data. Shigeru earned his Bachelor of Science and Engineering at Waseda University. After working at Microsoft Japan and Facebook Japan, Shigeru has been engaged in machine learning model building, data product development, and management of data scientists and data engineers. Shigeru enjoys experimenting AI generated art and going to sauna.



金巻未来 Miku Kanemaki

Manager, Communications

anchorstar.comのメディア展開のリーダーを務める。また、コーポレート業務の責任者として、チームを支えている。早稲田大学在学中にニューヨークへ留学。世界最大のクラウドファンディングプラットフォームであるKickstarter PBCの米国本社にて、日本進出に向けたローカライゼーションプロジェクトに参画したことをきっかけに、同プロジェクトをリードしていたアンカースターの一員となる。「進化し続ける」をライフテーマに、柔軟なスタンスで新しいチャレンジに恐れず挑む。最近は、2019年に取得した宅地建物取引士の資格を活かして、都内に物件を購入し、リフォームにも挑戦。

Miku leads media development initiative at Anchorstar. Miku also supports the team as the head of corporate operations. Miku is a graduate of Waseda University where she earned her Bachelor of Economics. While Miku was studying abroad in New York, she joined a localization project at Kickstarter PBC, the world’s largest crowdfunding platform, which later lead to joining Anchorstar, the company that was leading the project from Japan. "Keep Evolving” is Miku’s life theme, she is not afraid to take on new challenges. Recently, Miku purchased a property in Tokyo for her first refurbishment project. Miku is a Japan qualified Real Estate Notary since 2019.



川辺洋平 Yohey Kawabe

Partner, Communications

anchorstar.comの編集長。広告会社、出版社を経て2014年に独立。インスタグラム日本版オフィシャルアカウントの編集や、Twitter Japanのプロモーションムービー制作、国際オリンピック組織委員会のSNS担当、世界経済フォーラムが選出する30歳以下の次世代リーダー「Global Shapers」東京ハブ代表などを歴任。企業の情報発信をサポートするスペシャリスト。哲学対話の普及を目的とするNPO法人こども哲学・おとな哲学アーダコーダの創設者としても知られ、単著「自信をもてる子が育つ-こども哲学-“考える力-を自然に引き出す」他、執筆協力、映像作品での受賞などビジネス業界のみならず教育・学習分野でも広く活躍する。

The editor-in-chief of In 2014, Yohey decided to be independently employed after working in advertising and publishing. His work experience includes editing, video production, and social media supervision for Instagram, Twitter, and the International Olympic Committee. The World Economic Forum selected him for Tokyo Hub, a group of “Global Shapers” under thirty. Yohey specializes in support for the spread of corporate information. As the founder of the NPO, “ARDACODA,” and with his work on the book, “Raising Confident Children - Children’s Philosophy - Naturally Encouraging the Power of Thinking,” Yohey promotes philosophical dialogues among children and adults alike. He works seamlessly across business disciplines and beyond into education and learning.


苔口穂高 Hodaka Kokeguchi

Director, Partnership


As Director of Partnerships, Hodaka supports Japan market entry for overseas startups and services, by creating cross industry collaborations with Japanese enterprises. After earning Bachelor of Law at Keio University, Hodaka worked for ANA as a pilot trainee, before joining the Boston Consulting Group in Tokyo. Hodaka has experience in building cross-border sales strategies, organizational restructuring, and PMI projects. Having spent his childhood in New York, Washington DC and Yokohama, Hodaka has made it his personal mission to bridge between Japan and the rest of the world. Hodaka loves to travel and also enjoys art and music.


小暮タミー Tammy Kogure

Community Manager


As Community Manager, Tammy is responsible for building a productive collaboration environment for the Anchorstar community. Tammy has extensive cross cultural customer service experience, having worked at a retail store of a global apparel brand and as a tour guide at Tokyo Disneyland Resort. Born and raised in San Jose, California, Tammy enjoys traveling and dancing.

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アンドレアス・ザイドラー Andreas Seidler

Director, Strategy


As Director of Strategy, Andreas supports business transformation of Japanese companies. Prior to joining Anchorstar, Andreas worked at Boston Consulting Group Tokyo, where he was involved in corporate strategy planning and global post-merger integration in the healthcare and industrial goods sector. Andreas was born in Germany and spent his early years in Germany and Japan. Before starting University, he was a “manzai” comedian in training and appeared in several Japanese TV programs. In his free time, he enjoys exploring the local streets of Yokohama.


児玉太郎 Taro Kodama

Founder & CEO

アンカースター代表。神奈川県横須賀市生まれ。小中高をロサンゼルスで過ごす。幼少期からプログラミングを楽しみ、パソコン通信の世界に没頭する。帰国後、引越しやイベントスタッフ、店頭販売など、数々のアルバイト経験を経て、1999年ヤフー株式会社に入社。米国Yahoo Inc.との協業契約を基に、様々なYahoo!サービスの日本展開を行うチームに所属。大規模なウェブサービス・ユーザデータベース・セキュリティシステムなどを、ソフトウェアエンジニアやウェブデザイナーと共に企画・開発・運営する。2005年には、急成長していたソーシャルネットワークサービスやメタバースサービスなどの研究・開発を行う新設事業部の企画部長に就任。30名の企画部員、100名のエンジニア・デザイナーと共に、多様なサービス・プラットフォームの企画・運営を行った。

2010年、Facebook Japan株式会社の一号社員として、カントリーグロースマネージャーに就任。日本成長戦略責任者として、電通、リクルート、KDDI、ソフトバンクなどの日本企業と戦略的協業契約を締結する。東日本大震災後、Facebookのソーシャルネットワークを活用した次世代型災害用伝言板サービスをFacebook Japanチーム主導で開発・展開し、Facebookがソーシャルネットワークサービスから、ソーシャルプラットフォームへと進化する一端を担う。Facebook社の米国Nasdaq市場への上場、米国Instagram社の買収・日本展開などを経て、2014年には、Facebook Japanは月間アクティブ利用者数2,000万人を超えるサービスへと成長する。同年4月退任。

2015年、日本企業とのパートナーシップを主戦略とした海外企業の日本進出支援を目的とし、アンカースター株式会社を設立。世界最大級のクラウドファンディングプラットフォームである米国Kickstarter PBCや、モビリティプラットフォームである米国Via Transport社の日本進出などを手掛ける。近年は、独立系ブランドスタジオであるGretel社や、屋外ハンドペイント広告大手のColossal Media社、デジタルトランスフォーメーションにおけるアップスキリング・リスキリング大手のGeneral Assembly社(いずれも米国NY州)など、新しいビジネスサービスと日本企業との、国や言語を超えたビジネスパートナーシップのプロデュースを通じて、日本の発展に寄与するきっかけの創出に注力する。パーソナルミッションは日本の進化に携わり続けること。

Founder and CEO of Anchorstar. Taro was born in Yokosuka and spent elementary to high school in Los Angeles. As a child, Taro enjoyed computer programming and exploring pre-Internet online services. After returning to Japan, Taro worked at a number of part-time jobs, including moving company, event staff, and in-store sales, before joining Yahoo Japan in 1999. He was part of a team that localized various Yahoo! services for Japan based on a partnership agreement with Yahoo Inc. of the United States. He worked with software engineers and web designers to plan, develop and operate large-scale web services, user databases, and security systems.
In 2005, Taro was appointed as Director of Product Management of a newly established business unit focused on research and development of fast-growing social network services (SNS) and Metaverse. He lead a team of 30 product managers to operate services and platforms in collaboration with 100 engineers and designers.

In 2010, as the first employee of Facebook Japan, Taro was appointed as Country Growth Manager. As the head of Japan growth strategy, he signed strategic partnership agreements with multiple major Japanese corporations such as Dentsu, Recruit, KDDI, and SoftBank. After the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, he led the Facebook Japan team to develop and deploy a next-generation disaster message board service using Facebook's social network, which lead Facebook's evolution from a social network service to a purpose driven social platform. Facebook Japan grew into a community with over 20 million monthly active users by 2014.

In 2015, Taro established Anchorstar with the aim of supporting overseas companies to enter the Japanese market through partnerships with Japanese corporations. Anchorstar supported companies such as Kickstarter PBC, one of the world's largest crowdfunding platforms, and Via Transportation, a global public transport platform, to enter the Japanese market. In recent years, Anchorstar has worked with some of the world's top business service companies, including Gretel, an independent brand studio, Colossal Media, a leading outdoor hand-painted advertising company, and General Assembly, a leading up-skilling and re-skilling company in digital transformation (all headquartered in NY, USA). Anchorstar now focuses on exploring opportunities to contribute to the development of Japan through producing cross-border, cross-cultural partnerships between new business services and Japanese corporations. Taro's personal mission is to continue to be involved in the evolution of Japan.



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