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Growth Acceleration

Gaining early adopters, product evangelists and business partners will be key for your business early on, and will require a variety of strategies depending on your product or service. The dynamics of the Japanese market are often unique, and to navigate it successfully partnerships with established Japanese brands, agencies, and resellers will likely be a major component of your success.

There are a variety of different factors and companies to consider when developing your strategy to gain an effective foothold in japan. However identifying which partners would represent the best potential match for your business will be challenging without having a deep understanding of the domestic landscape. To provide insight into these ends, we’ve partnered with a local growth accelerator that understands the nuances of this market, and they will be there to help you determine which strategies will be most effective for your business.

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H.R. & Talent Acquisition

Finding and managing top local talent will be a cornerstone of your success in Japan. Talent acquisition is a major challenge in any market, however Japanese are notoriously risk averse and traditionally do not change jobs often. Coupled with a rapidly aging workforce Japan is now one of the most difficult markets to hire in, which can be a prohibitive factor in the growth of your business here. Through the Anchorstar network and our assistance in recruitment efforts, we can help connect you to the people that can you give you a better chance of success.

Along with contingent search and placement services, we support our partners through full cycle recruiting by identifying and hiring qualified candidates who understand and share your culture and values. Our full cycle recruiting services will support you in building recruiting strategies tailored to your needs, marketing positions, screening candidates on your behalf, and making sure all parties experience a smooth recruiting process. We understand the difficulty our partners face because we've been there before.

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Public Relations & Marketing

Getting your message across to your targeted audience will pose a challenge in Japan, however the rewards in doing so effectively will be great. Our media partners bring a lot of experience to the table in this area and will put you in a good position to connect you to the right people and organizations that can help you spread the word and navigate the local media landscape.

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Event hosting and planning

Putting together great events to showcase your product or service will be vital to introducing people to your brand. Whether in the Anchorstar lounge or in one of the many venues available throughout Tokyo, we can help you secure the right space to host your event.

The Anchorstar lounge has been outfitted with a presentation area that will seat {x} people comfortably. Beyond that Tokyo offers an array of event spaces large and small to accommodate your promotional needs.

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What is the optimal legal structure needed for your business in Japan? What kind of costs will be associated with setting up your company and beyond? What kind of tax burdens will you incur and what kind of physical presence will you need to maintain here moving forward? There are a multitude of legal and financial challenges you will face, and having a partner who can provide insights into navigating the law and local bureaucracies will be instrumental.

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Office Space

At some point you may need to set up a permanent presence here, and the complexities of doing so can be both tricky and costly. Determining what type of space will best suit your business and growth needs will be a principal concern, and typical Japanese lease agreements will prove to be prohibitive as you expand. Should you determine the need to set up a permanent office space here, our partners can help provide alternative options to choosing ideal locations for your organization's home in Japan.

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Language Training

Clear communication is important to the success of any organization. Language barriers have traditionally been a crux of business between domestic Japanese hires and their international counterparts, and we aim to provide some relief in this area by securing qualified language instructors to help team members from both sides improve their Japanese and English speaking capabilities.

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