With the notion of good design and comfort in mind, you can work, relax, have fun, share experiences, and build relationships with fellow entrepreneurs and your Japanese counterparts all within the confines of the Anchorstar lounge. In addition to that if you find yourself in need of a haircut there will even be an in-house barber to boot!

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Our space was designed to reflect the atmosphere and aesthetics one would expect to find in the offices of a modern day startup. Whether in Japan for long or short periods of time, when partners and guests visit we want them to experience an air of familiarity and comfort to make the transition of working in a new environment as smooth as possible. We’ve got you covered whether you are looking for some privacy to hold meetings and entertain guests, a quiet space to focus and get some work done, or you just want to relax and decompress close to the places you need to be in the city.

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Within the shared work space, our office is fitted with Wi-Fi, private conference, phone, and meeting rooms equipped with all the technology you will need to meet with your team, host clients, give presentations, and collaborate with your business partners on the ground and with headquarters back home.

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  • Ic wifiFree Wi-Fi
  • Ic staffLocal Expert Staff
  • Ic interiorRelaxing Interior
  • Ic printPrinting
  • Ic waterPurified Water Server
  • Ic loungeDrink & Snack Bar
  • Ic eventEvent Space
  • Ic mtgMeeting Rooms
  • Ic phonePhone Booth
  • Ic barberBarber
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At some point you may need to set up a permanent presence in Japan, and the complexities of doing so can be both tricky and costly. Determining what type of space will best suit your business and growth needs will be a principal concern, and typical Japanese lease agreements will prove to be prohibitive as you expand. Should you determine the need to set up a permanent office space, our partners can help provide alternative options to choosing ideal locations for your organization's home in Japan.

Spaces office floor map

401: 46.5sqm / 500sqft402: 43.8sqm / 471sqft

  • 6 Desks per room (height adjustable)
  • Meeting room for 6 people (web conference ready)
  • Built-in storage
  • Appliances (copy machine, mini refrigerator, communal microwave)
  • All access to the Anchorstar Lounge
  • 1 Year term of agreement
  • Submission of termination available 1 month beforehand
Spaces section office amenities Spaces section office amenities

Anchorstar LOUNGE


Daiichi Nan’o Building 6F, 2-21-2 Nishi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Map



Anchorstar OFFICE


Uchida Building 401 & 402 2-11-8 Nishi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Map


Ginza Line Toranomon Station 8min, Mita Line Uchisaiwaicho Station 8min, JR Yamanote Line Sinbashi Station 9min

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